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Drywall Repair

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There are a bunch of reasons why you may end up having drywall issues. For a lot of folks moving into a home is one of those moments that cause a lot of drywall issues. Impacting the wall with furniture can certainly cause problems. Other than that, moisture issues are also part of the common issues that we see with drywall. We mentioned on the home page that drywall repair is a step by step process. Therefore, we want to get the chance to explain how we go about providing these repairs.

Full Area Inspection 

Naturally, the main reason why people call about a drywall repair service is because they are able to see the signs of wear and tear on the wall. The first thing that we’re going to want to do is make sure we understand why those signs are there. Some cracks can develop over time and they’re just signs of wear and tear the wall can be patched up and repainted in some of these instances. If we find moisture spots or even mold the situation can

quite a bit. In those cases we may need to remove a larger portion of the drywall and try to actually find the source of the problem.

Not All Drywall Sheets Are The Same

If you go down to your home improvement store you can actually find kits to repair small drywall issues on your own. Essentially what you do is patch up any holes or even just add plaster to cracks to try and seal them up and repaint. It’s very easy to both repair when you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re doing. For major repairs we may need to replace entire drywall panels. We, though, need to make sure that we are using panels that resemble the ones that are already there. This is just an example of how our attention to detail can lead to proper results. That you maybe won’t find in other places.

Moisture Issues

We’re not only going to be able to repair the minor issues that can appear in drywall over time or because you hit the wall trying to move your couch. We’re also going to be able to make extensive repairs for issues related to excessive moisture. If you want proof of the work that we’ve done in the past we’d be more than happy to provide it for you.

We Repaint & Add Texture

We won’t ever do a job halfway through. If you need us to repair drywall issues we are forcefully going to have to end up repainting the surface. If the wall had some type of texture to begin with we can make sure to make it match. As with all of the other materials that we use in our projects we can help you find the best deals on paint and any other types of materials that we could potentially need. That way you’ll be sure you’re always getting a great deal with us!

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