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Basement Remodeling

clean empty house with wood floor

When we get calls about basement remodeling projects or just any help with basements in general one of the first things we want to know is the current state of the area. There is no shame in letting us know from the start things like I have moisture issues and I need help. Actually, a lot of the work that we do in basements is focused on fixing some botched attempts. Therefore it’s very important for us to start from the very beginning. We need to have the certainty that the place is properly waterproofed and we can then begin to essentially add to it.

Basement Inspections 

As we mentioned the last thing that we want to do is come in for example and try to build a bathroom in your basement. We have everything planned out and we get there and we realize that you have moisture issues and that whatever we set up is ultimately going to be falling apart. So what we’ll do is give the whole place a look if we find anything we'll know. From there we can actually start to plan out virtually any service, even small electrical issues. Again, we don’t want to come in and “fix” something knowing that the whole area is going to be ruined in a little while.

Electrical Needs

So you have this great idea that you want to set up a home theater system in the basement and turn it into a game room. You get down there down and you realize that there is not even enough room to plug in multiple devices in that area. We see that a lot especially in older homes there are just not enough electrical outlets to plug everything in. We can add outlets and ensure that you have proper lighting in the place.

Adding Proper Flooring Or Carpets

A lot of times when you’re converting your basement into a livable space the first thing that you’re going to notice is that you need to update the flooring. In some homes that originally did not intend to make the basement a livable area the flooring is lackluster at best. That’s not a major problem for us though. You can let us know what type of floors you want to add to the place. From there we’ll help you find the best deal particularly on those types of floors and we’ll ultimately install them for you.

Adding A Bathroom To Your Basement

If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time in the basement adding a bathroom is going to be a must. Of course, you need to ensure that you have all of the necessary plumbing connections to be able to do this. We can not only place a toilet in the basement we can make sure that the sink and faucet are properly hooked up. Of course, in this area making proper drainage connections is extremely important and we can help you solve those issues.

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